Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Samson's new halter and lead

Samson was moved back to that narrow tree paddock and, surprise surprise, he scraped one of his front legs. He was a little lame on it on Monday but he'll be fine. I'm not all surprised he hurts himself, I watch him and he canters around and practically runs through trees. You can kind of see him thinking and saying "oh, maybe I should move" but then he's goes "Naaa" and runs through these small trees/large bushes. It's been raining a lot, so I haven't done much with him, when it clears up I will, as I have finished university for the year and have heaps of time on my hands.

Yesterday I received a parcel. When I opened it I discovered it was the rope halter and lead that I ordered from Cypress Lodge. I ordered in "electric blue" as Samson's colours are light blue, turquoise and black. It was a beautiful almost bright aqua blue. The rope is so soft. I ordered the advanced lead without a clip, as my lead is too heavy, and I really like it. Samson seemed to respond better to pressure with it also. On the popper on the end is stamped "SAMSON" is lovely writing. I'll post pics when I get my camera from the car.

Looking at the halter I thought it looked too small, which was very disappointing as I had measured Samson's head. He's in between a full and a cob so nothing fits him right. Anyway, slid the halter on and it was a perfect fit. I have never seen a halter fit that well. Normally they seem to go across the cheek, but this one when right under the chin. I was very, very impressed, and he looks awfully spiffy, if I do say so myself.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

To finally catch up. I've been working with him more lately, being a lot more aware and careful.

His coat is looking better, and so is his weight. I have been working him the round yard with homemade running reins. I made them out of clips, and strategically knotted rope. So far they have been successful. He now stops when I say "whoa" in the round yard and "halt" on the lead. He also seems to be getting "back" and is yields his hindquarters well with a light touch. He trots when I say "trot".
Here are some from today:

Samson had a little trouble settling in. The other horses picked on him, and he got bites and scratches. A few days after arriving he was moved (with the rest of the herd) to a narrow but long tree paddock. The next morning I came he was in the paddock next to it and had scrapes down the back legs. I imagine he got chased over the fence because the top two wires were down. Shortly after getting him I bought a light winter rug, and got his feet trimmed. Due to the overnight trucking, and the new paddock and stress, he lots a little weight.I started feeding him soaked barley twice a day, along with a little bit of whole oats, oaten chaff and a non-heating complete feed.

He picked up condition. I began to start working him in the round yard about purchased a bridle and lunge roller. It was going okay until I was teaching him a one-rein stop. He panicked and pulled away - to be expected - but I made the mistake of not wearing gloves and let the rope wrap around my hand, and I think my little finger is now broken.

My New Horse

On Saturday the 25th of September 2010 I met Samson. His name wasn't Samson when I met him, it was Kerry, and he was looking pretty sorry for himself. He was a rising three year old, with a patchy furry coat, remnants of rain scald and an eaten off tail. It took me over an hour to find where he was kept, it was up in the Hills District of Sydney, down all these windy roads, to an obscure suburb. After a long drive way I came across a shelter/yard block with an elderly woman and some horses. Samson was being fed in there. She explained how she was retired now, and how some trainers knew she took Standardbreds who no longer were good at racing. Samson was one of them.

I took the halter and lead, caught him and led him around a little. He seemed a little nervous but otherwise sweet and quiet. I was hoping for about a 5 year old, so I was hesitant to choose him, but he ticked all the other boxes.

On Saturday the 2nd of October he arrived on a big truck. He was flight, nervous and a bit skinny. I led him down the driveway, gave him a bland feed and then released him with his new herd.

Here are some pictures from when I first saw him as "Kerry".